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Refer your dental patient to Dr Mizrahi

Referrals are taken over the phone, e-mail, or in writing,

All cases are assessed in detail and written treatment plans presented to the patient before proceeding with treatment. Dentists are welcome to come and observe phases of treatment on patients they have referred (on condition the patient is agreeable).

Upon completion of treatment, where applicable, and when requested, Dr Mizrahi is happy to provide the referring dentist with a CD containing images of the entire treatment carried out.

Dr Mizrahi is also happy to draw up proposed treatment plans for those dentists wishing to carry out the work themselves.

In certain cases (especially implant treatment) dentists can request Dr Mizrahi to treat their patient to a specific stage following which the dentist may prefer to complete the treatment themselves.

Please contact us if you wish to refer a patient to Dr Mizrahi.


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