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Dental treatment fees

Fees vary depending on the complexity, time involved and treatment provided. Each patient is assessed individually and a specific treatment plan devised. All fees and appointment requirements are discussed prior to commencement of treatment. An initial consultation is £320.

For complex cases, an investigative phase is usually needed and the cost of this ranges between £800 and £1600. This phase involves detailed investigations and includes a follow up discussion as well as a written treatment plan. Fees are payable in prearranged amounts extending over the period of treatment.

Following are some ballpark figures
(excluding laboratory technician's fees)

  • Crowns and Onlays £2000 - £4500 / tooth, depending on position in mouth.
  • Porcelain veneers £2000 - £4000 / tooth
  • Implants £4000 - £8000 / implant, depending on position in mouth and condition of bone and gum (inclusive of implant and crown)
  • Full mouth rehabilitation £60,000 - £150,000.

Please note, our associate dentist, Dr Jurgita Sybaite’s   fees are less than those of Dr Mizrahi

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