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What makes Dr Mizrahi different?

Dr Mizrahi and the pursuit of dental excellence

Dr Mizrahi focuses on providing a highly individualised approach and personal attention to each and every patient, a factor he believes is absent from many modern day dental and medical practices.

As a perfectionist, Dr Mizrahi prides himself on the attention to detail, individual craftsmanship and precision he strives for in his work. He uses a microscope to carry out his work which allows levels of precision to be achieved that would otherwise be unattainable. Although the benefits of this may not be immediately apparent, they are important in improving the long term prognosis of restorations. Dr Mizrahi firmly believes that the higher the level of precision, the better the longevity and functionality.

Dr Mizrahi is privileged to be able to work with the dental technician Mr Salvatore Sgro’ who he believes to be a unique technician of the highest international calibre. Mr Sgro’ excels in both the art and science of Dental Technology allowing him to individualise and precisely craft every restoration he creates. They have been collaborating together since 2003 and together combine to pursue perfection in dental treatment.

Core Principles

Treatment will be carried out at the highest level of quality and aimed at achieving long term stable results thereby reducing the need for future dental treatment.
Patient acceptance will be limited to those who appreciate excellence in craftsmanship and the importance of striving for perfection. Standards will not be compromised to save time and/or money.

Patients will be fully informed and allowed to feel comfortable with all aspects of treatment before proceeding.

Your Experience

Because we are a low volume, high quality practice, we pride ourselves on making you feel valued and giving you the personal attention and time you need. You will be made to feel you are the only and as such, most important patient in the practice. The service and attention you receive will be highly personal and you will be able to speak directly to Dr Mizrahi at all times.

You will be fully assessed and treated according to your own unique needs and requirements
Treatment will be carried out in a calm, caring and intimate environment with all attempts being made to eliminate any discomfort during treatment.


Bespoke specialist dentistry of the highest quality and precision

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